Best Car Insurance Companies in Kenya

Best Car Insurance Companies in Kenya

Cars have become a necessity of moving from one place to another which has led to establishment of many car insurance companies in Kenya.

Car insurance in Kenya is the largest component of the general insurance market which accounts for over KSh 45 billion premiums. This represents about 28% of the whole insurance market in Kenya. There are over 7000 new cars which are imported every month Kenya thus boosting the motor insurance business. This information can be obtained using the link  

Car insurance is a prerequisite for all car owners operating in Kenya making it the biggest division of the general insurance industry. If you are planning to own a car, you must understand car insurance and know the best car insurance companies in Kenya.

Your car requires some kind of insurance cover which you should choose from the best and largest car insurance providers to get peace of mind. The following are the best car insurance companies in Kenya which you should select for your car insurance cover:

  1. Britam Kenya Insurance

Britam Insurance is the best and leading car insurance company in Kenya and has become the most accepted insurance provider. 

The company has achieved remarkable progress for the last six years in Kenya for fast and simple processing of car insurance. This is facilitated by professional and experienced financial advisors under close supervision to achieve customer satisfaction. 

The company offers financial protection against bodily or physical injury arising from collisions, accidents and against liability. Britam Insurance provides cover for commercial and private purposes against:

  1. Damage or accidental loss to your car resulting from:
  • Overturning, collision or impact damage
  • Fire damages
  • Theft of part or whole vehicle
  1. Third Party Liabilities- legal liabilities resulting from ownership or use:
  • Damage to asset belonging to other people-vehicle, buildings
  • Injury or death to public or pedestrians
  • Injury or death to passengers – passengers legal liability
  1. Emergency medication Expenses to passengers, driver or pedestrians resulting from an accident
  2. Damage to your car in custody of motor trade or other service providers

You can visit Britam Insurance, Westlands Branch, Nairobi to purchase your car insurance cover.

  1. Jubilee Insurance

Jubilee Insurance is one of the most successful insurance firms in Kenya and is well known for the largest economy in the East Africa region. It is the biggest general, life and medical insurance company in Kenya, frequently beating the field on the amount of premiums collected. 

The company provides the most flexible car insurance packages pricing the premiums depending on the value and age of the car. The company offers car insurance with two classes:

Jubilee Insurance for private motor vehicles

Under this class, Jubilee Insurance offers three categories of services for private car owners which are explained below:

  • Third Party Car Insurance: This insurance policy covers third party property and bodily injury damages resulting from use of the car
  • Third Party Theft & Fire: This cover stretches to protect fire, theft, third party property damage and bodily injury
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: this covers third party liability and property damage to the car, that is damage resulting from theft, fire and accidental damage to the car

Lady Jubilee comprehensive cover for lady drivers

This is a comprehensive car insurance cover that is specially planned for female drivers. The cover has additional advantages for ladies along with the conventional car insurance cover provided by the insurers in the industry.

  1. CIC Insurance Group Limited

CIC Insurance Group is considered among the best and successful car insurance in Kenya and excelled in the premium tables for both commercial and private vehicle insurance at the end of 2017. 

The company provides Private Auto Insurance which ensures full coverage to the insured by offering financial protection in case of road accidents or destruction due to theft or riots. Additionally, the firm provides exclusive offers to their customers; particularly ladies have some specified benefits according to CIC policy norms. 

CIC Insurance offers the following benefits under Third party liabilities:

  1. Zero theft excess
  2. Civil commotion and riot strike cover
  3. Courtesy car
  4. Repair and coverage facilitation within and across the COMESA zone
  5. Personal accident cover for you and the nuclear family in the event where they are injured in the insured car
  6. In the event of a grabbed ATM withdrawal, you are compensated a particular amount of money
  7. In the occurrence of losing your car keys in a partial theft, you get compensated utmost KSh.5000

CIC Insurance Group is located at Thika Arcade, Kenyatta Avenue, Thika

  1. UAP Old Mutual Insurance 

UAP Old Mutual Insurance is a well-known car insurance company in Kenya and acknowledged as a trustable car insurance firm. The company provides a variety of products on comprehensive private car insurance with voluntary benefits and insurance limits bounded in three optional products that are Standard, Silver and Gold. 

The car insurance covers damage or loss (including strikes and riots) of the car and Third Party liabilities across East Africa with below benefits:

  • AA Membership
  • Car Tracking Device and Services
  • 24-hour Road Rescue
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Emergency Medication Expenses
  • Forced ATM withdrawal 

UAP Old Mutual Insurance launched a direct business known as EasyDirect product for selling car insurance online to retail consumers in Kenya. 

  1. Heritage Insurance Company

Heritage Insurance Company is among the best and largest car insurance providers in Kenya and well recognized among the people of Kenya. The company offers short term insurance covers for private car owners. 

The following are the available car covers in different categories; 

  • Private cars – These are the ones utilized for domestic, social and pleasure purposes only
  • Commercial motor vehicles – These are vehicles used for commercial or business purpose
  • Third Party Only (TPO) – This is the minimum and basic cart insurance cover. It offers liability to third parties in respect of damage and bodily injury to third party property. This is a mandatory car insurance cover a motorist should possess in Kenya. 
  • Third Party Fire and Theft (TPF&T) – This car insurance cover extends the cover to protect the insured car against the risks of fire and theft with inclusion of partial theft. 

Heritage Insurance Company is located at Mamlaka Road, Nairobi City.

  1. AMACO Insurance

Africa Merchant Assurance Company (AMACO) is a well-recognized car insurance provider in Kenya. The company offers two significant insurance covers for car owners:

  • Third Party  Insurance Cover

This is the least legal car insurance requirement in Kenya in accordance with Cap 405. This cover protects the insured’s liability in regard to bodily injury and property damage to a Third Party resulting from the insured car.

  • Comprehensive Insurance Cover

This car insurance cover protects the liabilities covered in the Third Party policy together with material damage resulting from theft, fire and accidental damage to the insured car. 

The company remains the most approachable provider in offering vehicle commercial products in the Kenyan market. AMACO Insurance is located opposite Machakos University College Mlolongo Campus, Mombasa Road, Mlolongo.

  1. APA Insurance Kenya

APA is one of the largest car insurance providers in Kenya and across East and Central Africa. The company offers comprehensive car insurance containing various packages for private car owners.

The company’s comprehensive insurance covers damages to your car resulting from fire, accident, flood, theft and the third party liability arising out of the use of your insured car. 

APA Insurance provides other benefits which include the following:

  • Comprehensive Motor  insurance policy for your car
  • Terrorism and Political Violence cover for free for vehicles valued up to KSh 1.489 million 
  • Free riveting and marking for customers who pay upfront, for motor vehicles valued above KSh 446,912 
  • Towing of accidentally damaged cars
  • Waiver of Police Report for thefts of parts and in case of minor accidents not involving third parties 
  • Settlement within two working days on completion of repairs
  • Medical expenses (resulting from an accident of the insured car) for the driver, to a maximum of Ksh 14,897

APA Insurance has a long track record of strict underwriting, it has shields away from dangerous business lines and the industry malpractice of price undercutting. The company is located at Left Wing, 6th Floor, Hughes Building, Muindi Mbingu Street, Nairobi.

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