Best cleaning services in Nairobi

Are you looking for premium office and commercial cleaning services in Nairobi? A clean environment brings many good things including good health and favorable surroundings. A clean environment is believed to help people concentrate on their activities and perform well. This is attributed to having no distractions in the surrounding which keeps the mind fresh as well as keeping infections away.

Many Kenyans are very busy with their work schedule which creates a hard time to clean their homes and business premises. Fortunately, there are many cleaning services in Nairobi which offer cleaning services in different parts of the country.

There are many different cleaning companies but you need to consider various factors before hiring. You need to look at the company’s experience in the business, good and high quality services as well as its potential in offering the services.

List of cleaning companies in Nairobi which you can rely on for amazing service:

1. Solcity Shine Cleaners

Solcity Shine Cleaners is one of the best cleaning company which offers different services. The high integrity, reasonable price and long experience in the market make the company remain at the top.  Customer satisfaction is given the first priority in offering their services as well as customer service relations. Solcity Shine Cleaners offers the following services:

  1. Cleaning sofa sets and carpets 
  2. Office cleaning services
  3. Post construction cleaning services
  4. Mattress cleaning
  5. Residential home painting and decorating  services
  6. Garbage collection services
  7. Fumigation and pest control services
  8. Management of sanitary bins 
  9. Landscaping and cleaning vehicles services
  10. Packing and moving services

Solcity Shine Cleaners ensures customers get professional services and their needs satisfied. This will enhance creating a good reputation in the business and remain a reliable cleaning company in the country.  The company has highly trained and professional employees, licensed and insured to operate. It is detail-oriented, experienced in the market and offers reasonable prices as well as maintaining high integrity.

The main office is located at Coffee Plaza, Nairobi and different branches across the country. The company operates 24 hours a day, seven days of the week.

Contact Info:
Phone: +254705459105
Address: Coffee plaza Nairobi

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2. Hurricane Cleaning Services

Hurricane cleaning services is an outstanding house cleaning service covering all of Kenya. It offers various services in all institutions and residential homes. The mission of the company is to add value to customer’s operation by offering a safe, green and clean environment. Their aim is to be Africa’s provider of choice in offering services.

Hurricane Service Ltd offers different hygiene services which include:

  1. Residential and office cleaning services 
  2. Washroom solutions cleaning services 
  3. Plants management, landscaping and gardening services
  4. High window cleaning services
  5. Waste management services
  6. Pest control services
  7. Exhauster and bulk clean water supply services
  8. Laundry services
  9. Upholstery cleaning services

The company enjoys professionalism in offering services due to high qualified personnel who ensure tidiness in their work. The staff is dedicated in doing their work and meeting all the client’s needs. Hurricane Service Ltd charges reasonably in offering high quality cleaning services which are affordable to hire. The company provides a service level agreement when you request their services available day and night throughout the week.

The head office is located at Leomar Court 45 Westlands Road Westlands Nairobi. There are many branches all over the country which can be accessed anytime.

Contact Info:
Phone: +254 20 232 9659
Address: Leomar Court 45 Westlands Road Westlands Nairobi

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3. Osana Cleaning Services

Osana Cleaning Services is a leading and reputable cleaning company in Kenya. The company is devoted to offering professional, affordable, sustainable and excellent cleaning services. They offer residential, commercial and industrial cleaning services which include the following:

  1. Office cleaning services
  2. Domestic and residential cleaning services
  3. Garbage disposal and collection services
  4. Fumigation and pest control services
  5. Detergents and toilet consumable supplies
  6. Low and high window cleaning services
  7. Residential and commercial building sanitization
  8. Gardening and landscaping services

The company is committed to offering the highest cleaning services across the country by surpassing customers’ expectations.  It values customer’s money by charging an affordable fee and maintaining 24/7 good customer service.

Osana Cleaning Services has its offices at Sabaki Centre 4th Floor Room No 3, Outering Road, Nairobi and many offices distributed across the country.

Contact Info:
Phone: 0701609274
Address: Sabaki Centre 4th Floor Room No 3, Outering Road, Nairobi

4. Gesan Cleaning Services

Gesan Home Services is a cleaning company that takes care of everything on your to-do list. The company understands different cleaning approaches and each is unique. It offers various cleaning services by providing quality services at affordable charges to the clients. The cleaning services offered are stated below

  1. Sofa set and carpet cleaning services
  2. Office cleaning services
  3. Pest control and housekeeping services
  4. Post construction cleaning 
  5. Mattress cleaning services
  6. Vehicle and post event cleaning services

The objectives of choosing Gesan Cleaning Services are available of competitive charges which are reasonable to the clients. Their services are availed on time without delays upon client request as well as using eco-friendly cleaning products which do not cause any pollution.


Phone: 0796 530 541


Location: 3rd Floor Madonna House, Westlands Nairobi

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5. Safitime Cleaning Services

Safitime Cleaning Services is a professional cleaning company based in Nairobi, Kenya. They offer a wide range of cleaning services for residential and commercial properties. They are committed to using only the safest and most effective cleaning products and equipment, with our team of experienced and professional cleaners  dedicated to providing  clients with the highest level of service.

  1. General house cleaning services
  2. Office cleaning and building maintenance
  3. Professional carpet cleaning services
  4. Professional mattress cleaning services
  5. Post construction cleaning services
  6. Interior car cleaning services
  7. Sofa set cleaning
  8. Pest control services
  9. Swimming pool cleaning


6. Harvest Cleaning Services Ltd

Harvest Cleaning Services provides thorough cleaning services which are in operation across the country and East Africa. The company prioritizes its customers and use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.  Harvest Cleaning Services Ltd ensures your premises are sparkling tidy and habitable without cleaning yourself. It offers the following cleaning services:

  1. Commercial cleaning services
  2. Carpet and car upholstery cleaning
  3. Window panel cleaning
  4. Kitchen and cold room cleaning services
  5. Curtains, blinds and nets laundering services
  6. Post construction cleaning services
  7. Sanitary solutions
  8. Pest control and fumigation
  9. Gardening and landscaping

The company ensures tidiness up to your doorstep and clean space guaranteed to you by satisfying customer needs. It is reliable, and affordable to hire having professional employees. All their services are insured which gives you peace of mind by offering quality cleans every time.

Contact Info:
Phone: +254-708-994-440
Address: Vision Plaza, 2nd Floor Mombasa Road, Nairobi

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7. GM Cleaning Services

GM Cleaning Services is a registered and reputable cleaning company with over 10 years of experience. It offers professional residential and commercial cleaning services at a reasonable price and gives customers the best value of money. The company has skilled personnel who offer high quality cleaning services. It offers the following services:

  1. Office cleaning
  2. Sofa set, mattress and carpet cleaning
  3. Post construction cleaning
  4. Housekeeping, furniture repair and refurbishing services
  5. Events and after party cleaning
  6. Vehicle interior cleaning
  7. Pest control services
  8. Sanitary bins management
  9. Garbage collection services

Choosing GM Cleaning Services is the best option to make since they are affordable, trusted and professionals in their services. The company is flexible and reliable to hire for your cleaning services and delivers beyond expectations.

Contact Info:
Phone: 0721 979781
Address: V5th Floor Norwich Union House (Kimathi Lane) Off Moi Avenue Nairobi

8. Parapet Cleaning Services

This is a certified and professional cleaning company providing modern, efficient and reliable services to domestic, industrial and commercial customers. The company has been consistent, innovative and creative in provision of cleaning services which makes it remain reputable in the market. These are services provided by Parapet Cleaning Services:

  1. Executive office cleaning
  2. Home spring cleaning
  3. Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  4. Floor sanding varnishing services
  5. Sanitary and washroom solution
  6. Fumigation and pest control
  7. Swimming pool cleaning
  8. Detailed car cleaning

There are core values of the company which ensures quality services are offered to customers which include respecting human dignity and serving everyone without discrimination. Quality service delivery and good customer service, professionalism and accountability in resource allocation contribute to a good reputation of the company.

The head office is located at Wilson Airport, Off Langata Road. Branch offices are distributed across the country in Kisumu, Mombasa and Kampala, Uganda.

Contact Info:
Phone: 0722 848 277
Address: Wilson Airport, Off Langata road (Head Office) Nairobi

9.  Desmo Cleaning Services

Desmo Cleaning Services is a leading cleaning services company in Nairobi Kenya providing quality, affordable and tailor-made residential and commercial cleaning solutions.

Phone: 0702 813469 

Location: Development House Nairobi CBD


10. Dulytec Cleaning Services 

Dulytec cleaning services was established in the year 2018 with aim of easing the burden of cleaning to the people of Nairobi and Kenya as a whole in terms of both commercial and residential services.

Phone: 0725 088107


Address: Muimara estate, Nairobi

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Why These Cleaning Companies Are The Best Cleaning Services

1. Professional Cleaning Services

These companies have qualified and skilled personnel who offer high quality cleaning services. The entire hygiene task is conducted in a professional way to ensure tidiness is guaranteed to the customers.

2. Good Customer Service

There is a good customer relationship which ensures quality service delivery is offered to their esteemed customers. Cleaning services are delivered on time without delays upon request which makes customers enjoy the services.

3. Consistency and Good Reputation in Cleaning Industry

These companies have been consistent with excellent performance in the market. Success in service delivery has made the companies be reputable which attracts customers and referrals from friends to use their services.

4. Insured, Registered and Licensed Companies

All these cleaning companies are legitimate and legally operational in the country. This creates good faith trust for customers to use their services since safety is guaranteed. In case of any damages during the cleaning task, customers can claim compensation of their property.

5. Prolonged Experience in the Market

All these cleaning companies have long experience which is an added advantage. Customers tend to use companies who are experienced in service delivery. They have become experts in cleaning services thus doing excellent and thorough jobs.

6. Affordable Cleaning Costs

These companies offer affordable charges for their services which many customers are able to provide. A customer will always choose a cleaning company with fair prices as well as getting an excellent job. High quality cleaning services and the amount of money charged by the company will determine its performance in the market.

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