Best event planning companies in Kenya

Best Event Planning Company in Kenya

There are various best and top class event planning companies in Kenya which you can rely on for your event. These are event planning companies that have gone beyond and certified to showcase skills, trust and experience. The event planning organizers set bar year after year by providing stage-stealing and elegant event services leaving you with lasting impressions.  

The event planners specialize in creating arrangements for grand openings, social events, stylish corporate events and private parties to satisfy your event requirements. There are many event planning companies in Kenya and you need the best agency to provide high quality services at reasonable charges. 

The event planning company should match your budget to make your function convenient. The quality of services offered by the event planner and your budget are the two main considerations to make before selecting your event planning company. Therefore, a wide research is required to ensure you get the best event planning company or get a referral from trusted individuals. 

The following are the best event planning companies in Kenya which will guarantee peace of mind for your event: Waridi Events, Elko Events, Wanderjoy Party World Ltd, Zuri Events, Vintage Group, MoSound Events Limited and Xpose Limited

  1. Waridi Events

Formed 13 years ago, Waridi Events is focused on offering end to end event planning services for corporate institutions. The company’s events are refreshing and carefully guided by your brand, brief and budget to satisfy your needs. 

Waridi Events provide workshops, conferences, product launches and award parties planning event services by delivering memorable experiences on message, time and budget. The company offers three services which are events, management, hybrid & online events and events training.

Under event management, Waridi Events listen to comprehend your brand, objectives and event vision then come up with an event concept and theme to meet your event goals.

Hybrid & online events services are offered and include concept creation, event content creation, online platform selection, speaker and moderator selection, attendee registration, event marketing, online event coordination, live streaming and reporting. 

The events training is conducted by the events academy which is the company’s training school offering certificate level courses and training for people interested in pursuing a career in the event industry or beginning an event business. 

Waridi Events has a recipe for the perfect and best event and the secret ingredient is their team of fun, highly experienced, professional, creative and passionate people. The company’s professional and experienced team size contracts and expands to depend on the size, scope and logistical needs of your event. 

The event planners of the company have certification in sustainable events management where they carry out sustainability initiatives by creating a sustainable approach, implementing and monitoring initiatives as well as compiling a sustainability report.

The company adopts best practices when executing customer events to ensure that they are sustainable. The company creates a theme, puts together a team of suppliers and makes your event happen by providing quality services with originality and within your budget. Waridi Events listen, dream, plan and execute to surpass your event expectations. 

  • Elko Events

Elko Events is a vibrant and fresh events company that specializes in offering premium services to corporate and private sectors. The company designs, creates and delivers events of all sizes and shapes across the country and East Africa.

Elko Events provide event planning services to ensure your event runs fruitfully be it weddings, corporate events, private parties, stage setting & exclusive reception and special anniversaries. The company provides different event planning services such as event décor, weddings and receptions, corporate and conferences events, private parties, birthdays and baby showers.

The company has management experts and professionals who take pride in making your event easy and successful. Partnering with Elko Events for your event is a guarantee of high quality services as their team sticks by your side and helps you every step of the way. 

Elko Events aims at innovating, creating and delivering your event by offering complete high quality event service. Their professional and competent team has talent, passion and experience to make your event memorable and unique. 

Elko Events Company is incredibly passionate about your event by offering creativity and experience in service delivery thus adding real value to you in surpassing your event objectives. 

  •  Wanderjoy Party World Ltd

Wanderjoy Party World Limited is an all-in-one events management firm that provides full event management and planning. The company offers services such as creation and development of thematic concepts, hire of chairs, tables and small tents, decoration and catering of mobile toilets, tent manufacture, grounds for hire and decoration of any size of your event. 

Wanderjoy Party World has extensive work and experience that has deemed the company as one of the best event management firms across the country as well as in East and Central Africa. The company’s classic yet practical, free standing marquees and high peak tents are charming and create the ideal atmosphere whether  it is  a small family party, corporate or wedding event.

The company is reliable, consistent and creative in event planning service delivery making it get many referrals or repeat events every year. 

The good reputation of the company has enabled it to serve many clients including the government, politicians, multinationals, celebrities, celebrities and every day private individual events. Wanderjoy Party World Company believes every customer is unique and every situation is different thus creating trust with clients by delivering high quality services and meeting their needs. 

There are several and genuine reasons why you need to select Wanderjoy Party World as your event planning company:

  • The company provides first class professional service and give customer peace of mind
  • Immense experience and knowledge  in complete event planning and management 
  • Their tents are stylish, unique and very fashionable
  • Capabilities of manufacturing tents for your event 
  • Different accessories with a wide arrangement for your event

Wanderjoy Party World has many products for your event planning to be a successful occasion and include event accessories, tents, tables, chairs, catering, grounds for hire as well as sound system & screens. The company offers necessary accessories and tents in designing your event for a successful event. 

  • Zuri Events

Zuri Events is an award winning sustainable event management organization in Kenya. The firm encourages sustainable creativity and innovation in conferences, meetings, events and exhibitions. 

The company was founded 13 years ago as an event management organization and full service conference to be a provider for all Exhibition & Conferencing needs as well as Corporate Events in Kenya and within Eastern Africa. 

Uzuri Events aims at developing a cooperation that will upgrade your brand image via sustainable events, conferences and exhibitions. Therefore, the firm is committed to offering sustainable and innovative solutions from the planning, designing and production of your event to branding and marketing of the event.

After over ten years of offering sustainable event management solutions and establishing concepts for green innovations & sustainable Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE), Zuri Events formed the MICE Hub in the year 2020. The MICE Hub is an innovation and sustainability hub that assists growth stage businesses and start-ups in Africa’s MICE industry.

The MICE Hub supports firms with tools and skills to enable them create green meetings and events. Zuri Events has provided many corporate institutions across Africa with event planning and management services having vast experience of 13 years. 

The company has long experience and knowledge since it has served clients from various industries like technology, financial and sustainability sectors at different levels. The professional team of event planning and management will provide you high quality services for your event and satisfy your needs. 

  • Vintage Group

Vintage Group is a team of professionals that work in the public relations for both SMEs and companies. The company provides services which encompass event planning and management, photography, logistics, interior and outdoor events as well as visual/audio installations.

Vintage Group is dedicated to the fine art of providing unforgettable events through an eye for detail and innovative creativity. The company aims to offer you unique event experiences by bringing bespoke designs, continual guidance and expert knowledge. 

Their personal one-to-face service delivery signifies that your entire event goals are met, your expectations reached and your event is personal to you in every way.  Vintage Group is prepared to provide your entire event requirements including contract negotiation & venue selection, attendee list management, budget, process and time management. 

The company also prepares accommodation & travel, tents & rentals as well as rider and entertainment management for your event. The combined skills set, experience and passion given to every project allows the company to make customized, original events that come alive as you imagined. The company works together through its professional event planners and clients to create events that form memorable connections with the audience. 

  •  MoSound Events Limited

MoSounds Events is a full service Event Production, Creative and Management Company based in Nairobi. The company has been operational since 2004 becoming the heart of the entertainment and events industry. 

It has grown to become one of the most respected and reputable events firms in the country by delivering innovative event technologies, unique creative design, insightful approach and exceptional execution for both local and international brands. This has crafted and implemented many brand and event experiences. 

The company has a vibrant, young and enthusiastic professional team providing excellent services for clients. MoSound Events offer event staging services at reasonable charges with the highest level of service. The scenic and set design team is capable of taking your idea and transforms it into a spectacular reality to ensure your event is professional and frankly memorable.

MoSound Events Limited has events and project management department which offer the following services:

  • Corporate events
  • Meetings and conferences
  • Product launches
  • Gala dinners
  • Award nights

The company applies several approaches to ensure high quality services are delivered for your event planning and management that include creative & strategy, live and connected experiences. MoSound Events Limited is located at PentHouse, Almont Park Church Road, Off Waiyaki Way, Westlands, Nairobi.

  • Xpose Limited

Xpose Limited is a leading African technical supplier to the live event industry founded in the year 2006. The company’s passion for allowing customers to create extraordinary events makes the firm outstanding from the rest of the event planners. 

The excellent services offered ensure each client enjoys a unique and memorable experience of the event. The stylish and unique stages are designed to serve all types of events be it a concert, conference, wedding, private party, product launch or outdoor festival. The company has visual experts and in-house designers who have vast experience and work as a team to offer high quality stages for your event.

Xpose Limited provides multifaceted support to all sections of the event staging industry.   Additionally, the company offers pre-built stage sets for your event that allow you to create an experience for your audience to love and recall your event. 

By providing unique, fresh and affordable event planning and management services, it has ensured a good reputation of the company thus offering private, social and corporate events across the country and beyond borders. 

Xpose Limited has become one of the best event planning and management providers in the country which is contributed by core values: creativity, innovation, commitment and flawless execution. Selecting Xpose Limited as your event planning company is a guarantee of a different and unique memorable experience for your event. The company is located at Karen Lane, Off Karen Road, Nairobi. 

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