Top 7 Best Interior Design Companies in Kenya

Curious about the best interior designers in Kenya? Well, you can stop looking for them because we’ve made a selection especially for you!

Many interior design companies in Kenya work both in residential and commercial environments and you get good services for their work. Nowadays, interior design has become marketable since many people want to decorate and modify their buildings. 

There are many interior design firms in Kenya and you need to do enough research to get the best company for your house or business building by considering the business range. This will ensure your house desires are met and get the best services and value of your money.

List of the best interior designers in Kenya you will love:

  1. Marigold Interior Designers

Marigold interior designers are the top and best company which specialize in offering excellent and stunning interior design services which comprise creative space planning, designing and project management for commercial and residential schemes.

They aim to build a firm lasting relationship with customers and deliver high-quality services. This creates an ideal combination of the client’s style and the vast experience in the industry as they believe in creativity delivering their services.

Marigold interiors offer unique and exceptional solutions to your house whose design has a combination of different cultures. Their design includes British and Italian styles, Greek’s art as well as Eastern and Eastern cultures. 

This makes Marigold Interiors stand out as the best interior design company in Kenya. Marigold interior designers are located at Luther Plaza, Ground Floor, West wing Nyerere Road, Nairobi.

  1. Prime House Interiors Limited

This is a registered and second-best interior design company in Kenya which provides excellent and outstanding interior design services. The services include space planning, designing and project management for elegant commercial and residential projects in Kenya and East Africa at large. 

Prime house Interiors Ltd focuses on building strong customer relations by offering stunning ideas and designs. It maintains that every customer has different tastes and requirements and consists of a professional team to understand your house desires and ideas. This is to ensure your dream house becomes a reality and designed well. 

Their vast experience in the market excites you in every step as they strive to meet your satisfaction from the beginning to the end. Prime House works efficiently on your project to give high-quality outcomes and any time you are welcomed to discuss new ideas about the project. It has an honest and qualified team work staff of high integrity who offer the best services.

Good customer relationships ensure you get their services instantly upon enquiring without delays. Prime House Interiors is situated at Mountain Mall, 3rd Floor, Thika Superhighway, exit 7 Roasters Nairobi. 

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  1. El Interior Designers Nairobi

El Interior Designers was founded back in the year 2008 as a small company operating as a sole trader. It was formed with the desire and passion to improve client lifestyle and add colour where it managed all the challenges and established itself in the market.

Today El Interior Designers is an International Award Winning firm that has been included in fit and design activities for commercial and residential places. The long experience makes the company become experts in delivering high-quality interior design services to the clients. The company has good customer relationships and high creativity in offering services for your satisfaction. 

Interior design in El Interiors is a skill they know, live and breathe since it is ever-changing as it modifies your space and life. El Interior Designers provides services such as office and residential interior design, 3D design, space planning and colour centre. It is a professional interior designer which will offer you the best services for your house desires to be achieved. 

El interior Designers is located at Timau Plaza – Ground Floor, Timau Road, opposite Yaya Centre off Argwings Kodhek Road, Nairobi.

  1. Mihaka Office Interiors

Mihaka Office Interiors is a leading commercial interior design company with many years of experience. The vast highly qualified and skilled project managers, engineers, architects and interior designers work as a team to make your project a success. The long experience makes the interior designers experts in planning and designing your house. 

The interior designers take time to understand your needs and finally create designs matching your requirements. Mihaka Office Interiors through the teamwork of designers implements your design project guided by professional managers assigned your project. It has a good reputation which has been established by creating classic, elegant and modern interior designs for customers in Kenya and East Africa at large. 

The able and qualified team of designers stays with your design work from the beginning to the final project. The mission of Mihaka Office Interiors is to sustain professional excellence and remain a trusted and valued provider to clients achieved by:

  1. Offering reasonable costs to customers
  2. Assigning well-defined experts for your design project
  3. Believing and understanding each client has unique needs
  4. Partnership with designers, clients, consultants, architects and suppliers   
  5. Creating a favourable environment for the provision of services and good customer relationship
  6. Long experience in design and building trust with customers ensure high-quality delivery of services.

Mihaka Office Interiors is based at Kai Plaza, 4th Floor, Tom Mboya Street Nairobi

  1. Palacina Interiors

Palacina Interiors is a leading interior design company in Kenya offering residential, hospitality and commercial interior designs. It has an award-winning professional design team offering unmatched design services for personal and corporate projects.  

Palacina Interiors has over 20 years of experience in interior design. This makes the company reliable in offering interior design services for your house guaranteeing excellent services. The long experience in the design industry brings passion, flair and eye for detail for your project giving the best result. It listens to customers’ needs and analyses their projects with professionalism to meet your expectations. 

Through creative and modern design styles, your house inspiration and expectation is brought to reality by combining their professional ideas. Commercial interior designs are available for a range of installations achieved by professional logistics and quotation. Residential interior designs work on a family house or residential building and provide elegant services which meet your satisfaction. Palacina Interiors grand showroom is located at Kitale Lane, Off Denis Pritt Road Nairobi. There are other rooms situated at Yaya Centre, Argwing Kodhek Road, Nairobi. 

  1. Planning Interiors Ltd

Planning interiors is the most established interior design company in Kenya and across East Africa. The firm specializes in retail, corporate, hospitality and residential interior design projects. 

It has over 20 years of experience in the market since its incorporation. The goal of the firm is to establish itself as a renowned company regionally and globally for providing excellent interior design services. This will enhance customers’ business performance and through creative and modern design solutions. 

The company has a professional team of designers who work together for the success of your project. Their interior fit-out and refurbishment design services strive to transform your house appearance. Planning Interiors offers excellent design services for your project which is unique to the industry. 

Planning Interiors is linking the gap between global expectations and East African identity as the interior design company of your choice. The firm is located at 2nd Floor, Roshanmaer Place, Lenana Road, Nairobi.

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  1. Pasesi Interiors

Pasesi Interiors is a leading firm with a highly professional team and one of the best interior design firms in Westlands Nairobi that is ready to work on your interior design project at any given time. It adds life to your space using your stories from scratches to a reality which makes the company distinguishable from the others.

The interior design services offered include commercial, hospitality and residential services with the addition of specific areas in ceilings, joinery works, wall and floor finishes. Pasesi Interiors has a collection of skills, experience, experts and required resources for excellent delivery of services of your project.

The professional and able staff ensures excellence is achieved by providing an efficient process of your design project. The best and modern techniques are applied together with technological concepts to produce elegant results for your project. Pasesi Interiors strives to produce interior design spaces with high creativity which gives a unique and stunning project. 

The interior design projects are based on practicality and functionality to provide the design you deserve and beyond your expectation. Pasesi Interiors is located at Western Heights, 11th Floor- Karuna Road, Westlands Nairobi.

8. Palacina Interiors

Palacina Interiors is, “an iconic look, an award-winning design team, a unique
collection and an unrivalled interior design service – for personal clients and corporates alike. Palacina Interiors, a unique fusion of contemporary chic and African panache”. Palacina Interiors is for its creativity, high-end finishes, and attention to detail.

9. Terry interior designs

At Terry interior designs, we are a team of creative experts who help provide luxury design and architectural solutions across a range of high-end clientele. Based in Nairobi Kenya, we help to design innovative spaces through residential buildings, renovation projects and commercial settings. From retail to hospitality, we can help to create a space that is true to brand, practical and visually spectacular.

10. Furniture Elegance

At Furniture Elegance we understand the true meaning of design. You have finally moved into the new house or office but you really do not know what should go where, which color would work best, which furniture should you keep and which should you buy? Looking for top Interior Design Kenya?

Well we totally understand how it can be such a challenge to utilize the new home or office space. Using the latest technology we can redesign your home or office to make it work for you. Our team of Interior designers and Architects coordinate every facet of your design dream, from conception to the last architectural and interior detail.

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What is Interior Design?

Interior design is a kind of art which is used to improve and modify the interior of a building. Interior designers are creative, innovative and imaginative people who are focused professionals coordinated with pleasing perception. They are employed to change the way a house appears.

What interior designers do?

Interior design companies make indoor spaces beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting essential and decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials. In other words, interior designers help their clients bring to life their ideas and vision.

The services requires high creativity and professionalism for an interior designer to offer and meet customer needs. Interior design companies need to fully understand the desires of your house or building to ensure the best services. This has contributed specialization interior design companies to ensure the best services and desires of clients are fully met. The interior design specialization is of different divisions where they are either advanced or simpler designers. 

What is the cost of interior design in Kenya?

The cost of hiring an interior designer can vary according to the city and county where you live. The average cost of interior design services in Kenya is Ksh. 30000 to Ksh. 150000.

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