7 Best Web Design Companies in Kenya 2021

Looking for a top Web Developer in Kenya?

Searching for best web design companies in Kenya? There are many tech-savvy web designer in Kenya which offer different website solutions for the success of your business.

The success of any website of a company depends on the technical proficiency of the custom website development services provider. Therefore, to get the best web development company, you need to research widely since there are many web developers. 

You need to look for design companies with unbiased customer reviews, technical expertise, service portfolios and detailed information.

List of web designing companies in Kenya

Here is a list of web designing companies in Kenya that create attractive yet user-friendly designs for websites:

1. NalgiTech Digital Agency

This is the best leading web design/development company in Kenya, offering web solutions for your business. The company offers high-quality information technology services for your business to move the next step of success.

NalgiTech comprises a small professional team with very big ideas to fulfil your business IT needs. It offers services ranging from Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and cloud computing consultancy delivered effectively for your business requirements. It has qualified and skilled personnel who are equipped with modern technology skills for excellent delivery of web development services. 

The company’s mission is to invent and implement business digital solutions for your business to operate smoothly. The team of experts, excellent technical and committed customer services distinguishes NalgiTech from other companies and makes it the best web design company in Nairobi. The professional employees who are experts in the field interact and exchange ideas with you communicating freely to develop the best for your business. You are always free and invited to give your views on how your project is being developed. NalgiTech is thus friends and partners in your business journey to success. 

Their professional staff is to be innovative in the current world by inventing and implementing new information technology ideas for your business needs. This is achieved by developing new aspects to cater your business marketing solutions in the fields of branding, graphic designs and marketing. 

The company has modified business process outsourcing into a strategic management initiative which continues to push boundaries of excellence for a competitive edge to customers. NalgiTech operates on a 24-hour basis daily, and you can reach them anytime for your business solutions. You can reach NalgiTech through their email, info@nalgitech.com  

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2. Nevin Digital 

Nevin Digital

This is the second best web design companies in Kenya offering digital marketing, SEO, web design and digital transformation services for your business needs. It has been of great help to many businesses in helping them perform better online. This is by providing high-quality website design and development as well as offering SEO services in Nairobi. 

Many consumers carry out their research and even make purchases of products online, which is attributed to modern technology. By using platforms like Google, YouTube and Facebook, traditional ways of purchase have been abandoned. The way you search for information has changed greatly with the adoption and usage of smartphones and tablets. These are factors which contributed to the establishment of Nevin Digital to become the business you could not find and now grow from strength to strength. 

The company helps in developing high-impact websites which improve conversion rates, engagement and acquisition of your business growth and success. There are reasons why you should work with Nevin Digital for your business solutions. The reasons include providing quality services, professional and experienced team for the best result and good relationships with clients. 

Nevin Digital is dedicated to generate more clients and needs for your website and develop a reputable online presence. The company is located at Marc Centri Parc, along North Airport Road, Nairobi. 

3. Impress Creations 

Impress Creations

Impress Creations is a creative digital agency in Nairobi, providing different services including website design and development and corporate branding. The firm operates nationally and internationally reaching many clients and providing quality services for your business solutions. The services offered by Impress Creations are web and graphic design, corporate branding and social media management. Their goal is to offer value to their customers by delivering creative technical talent for your business needs. Impress Creations is committed to your business success from the beginning to the end by providing the best input for your project. 

For years, it has served many clients in Kenya and different countries and ranked among the best companies by delivering unsurpassed results. They ensure the services provided are effective for your business requirements and success. Impress Creations portfolio is to develop beautiful web designs which do not compromise on functionality. This is achieved by professional staff that is ready to provide efficient and top-notch web services for your business. 

Their services are solutions-oriented targeting your business needs to add digital space and value for your brand. The company is located at Krishna Centre, Woodvale Groove, Nairobi. 

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4. Digital 4 Africa 

Digital 4 Africa

Digital for Africa is a web development firm that exists to help companies grow their business through excellent content marketing, web design and data analytics. Passionate founders created the company to build technology for mobile and web.  

Digital 4 Africa is made up of an experienced team of web and UX designers, content writers, data scientists and software engineers. This professional team aims to provide outstanding services for your business needs. The company believes in satisfaction, content, simplicity and data as core values in executing their excellent web design services. 

Digital 4 Africa is obsessed with fulfilling customer satisfaction for your business project. They make things simple and easy for products to use and create relevant content to bring success.

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 Data is believed the lifeblood of your business solutions for magnificent information gathering. The mission of the firm is to help businesses use data-driven marketing to customize client experiences with the vision of being Africa’s leading web developer delivering excellent results. 

The firm is exceptional from other web development companies in Kenya. This is achieved by faster execution of customer needs, talented and experienced staff, innovative professionals and focusing areas like web and UX design. The company is located at Mirage Towers, Chiromo Road, Westlands, Nairobi. 

5. H&S Reliance Group Ltd

H&S Reliance Group Ltd

H&S Reliance Group Ltd is a website development in Nairobi firm that is best to take your business for online success and be prepared for today’s digital era. The company has experienced and professional team that executes the following web development services:

  1. Web design services
  2. Mobile/Web Application Development
  3. Social Media Marketing & Management
  4. Search Engine Marketing & Management
  5. Monthly Website Management and SEO
  6. Domain Registration & Hosting
  7. Content Creation: Graphic Design & Copywriting
  8. Sales Funnels and H&S Email Marketing Solutions

H&S Reliance Group Ltd is offering professional web development services which are magnificent for the success of your business solutions. You are guaranteed quality services from their experts to ensure your business solutions are satisfactory.  

6. Webpinn


Webpinn is a web and app development company that helps your business, increase your sales, reach out to a wider market and stand out from the competition. It is rated one of the best web developers as it uses different data-driven options to create custom solutions for your business.

 Webpinn approaches your project using your objectives and works together to reach your business goals. It has a transparent process which is based on proven methodology refined over the years in the industry. This methodology allows Webpinn to be flexible to accommodate your unique business needs without compromising budget, timelines or structure of the entire process.

 The firm offers web and app development, web hosting, design and branding. Webpinn is situated at Applewood Adams, Ngong Road, Nairobi.

7. Peak & Dale Solutions Ltd

Peak & Dale Solutions Ltd

This is a professional and creative web design and web hosting company based in Nairobi. The firm provides digital and online solutions for your business to grow quickly at an affordable cost. This will provide the edge your business needs to succeed and increase sales.

With over ten years of experience, the company has built an unparalleled reputation for building great websites. It also offers excellent hosting solutions for your business needs. Park & Dale Solutions Ltd has demonstrated absolute dedication in serving customers with a vision of rich and satisfactory online client experience.

The firm offers quality web development and designs which are unmatched due to long experience and expertise. It charges affordable prices for their web development services as well as valued customers through their loyal and dedicated staff. Peak & Dales Solutions Ltd is located at 5th Floor, Mitsumi Business Park, Muthithi Road, Westlands, Nairobi.


What Is Web Design?

Web design refers to the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. Website design companies must account for responsiveness of the websites on different devices, usability of the website, loading speed among other factors.

The best web design companies work with the layout, appearance, interface, and sometimes, the content of a website.

How much does web design cost?

The cost of web design in Kenya ranges between Ksh. 15, 000 – Ksh. 75, 000. The total cost of your project will depend on the type of website you want and how many pages need to be designed.

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