Best Wedding Venues in Nairobi

Weddings are the most beautiful and most celebrated event which requires proper planning for a colorful occasion in a serene environment. Finding a good wedding venue in Nairobi can be a tiresome task.

The first thing to look in planning the wedding is finding the perfect venue for the event. Budget, style, capacity and location will be your largest deciding aspects of your wedding. You need to find a spacious wedding venue to fit all your invited guests and attractive for other activities like photo sessions and reception.

Nairobi has many beautiful places with a good ambiance and romantic setting which you can use to hold your wedding. It also has wedding venues fit for any type of wedding you may want to hold in your favorable set up and be comfortable with your partner.

An expert tip says, “Your wedding place dictates much of your décor, timeline, event flow and more about your wedding life”. It is therefore important to ensure you find the best place to hold your wedding ceremony as you celebrate your special day.

The following are the most elegant and classy venues that can be used as the best venues for holding weddings in Nairobi. 

1. The Zen Gardens

This is a stylish place which has a serene ambiance to hold your wedding. It is well known for hosting Fashion High Tea which is held annually. This makes it qualify as the best venue to hold your most special day in life as it offers an amazing scenic view. 

Zen Gardens has all the necessary amenities for your wedding to be a colorful and joyful event. It is affordable and has pocket friendly prices for your wedding. Zen Gardens gives you the chance to decide whether to hold your wedding indoor or outside since all required facilities are available. It is able to accommodate many invited guests since it has a large space. 

The Zen Gardens guarantees you amazing wedding services as they have highly qualified personnel who offer their services in a professional way. This will help in celebrating your wedding in a special and colorful way. The Zen Gardens is located at Westlands, Nairobi. 

2. Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club

This city hotel has a difference and offers the most luxurious location to hold your wedding in a memorable style. It has three different areas where you can pick which area to use for your wedding ceremony. 

There is a garden pond which has a pond at the centre and can hold a capacity of 150 guests. The second area is the Kigwa View which is located alongside an artificial dam and has a capacity of 500 guests. The third area is the 10th Tee venue which faces the golf course and supplies the garden wedding ambience. You can choose which of the three venues is most favorable to hold your wedding celebrations.  

Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club has professional employees who provide the best services for your event and offer reasonable charges. They have five wonderful menus to choose from and get the best meals for the event. It has long experience in the business which makes it one of the best wedding venues in Nairobi to hold your wedding.   

The hotel is located on Kigwa Lane Ridgeways off Kiambu Road. It is a mere 15 minutes’ drive from Nairobi CBD and 45 minutes’ drive from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. 

3. Villa Rosa Kempinski 

This is one of the best and top hotels in Nairobi offering Kenyan hospitality and European luxury for your wedding ceremony. It is a unique destination and amazing venue to hold your wedding event with luxurious services. Villa Rosa Kempinski has over 200 rooms and suites distributed across its ten floors with excellent dining opportunities. 

Through its high qualified force labour, exceptional services are offered which will meet your wedding expectations. All your needs are fully met and you get satisfied by the way services are delivered. It has long experience in the industry which makes it a reliable and reputable place to hold your wedding. 

This venue has a professional team of employees who will work on your wedding occasion to ensure it nothing less of success.  Villa Rosa Kempinski is situated at Chiromo Road along Waiyaki way, Nairobi.  

4. Syokimau Gardens

Syokimau Gardens is a complete well-manicured floral garden prestigious for holding your wedding event. It is the ideal location to celebrate your wedding ceremony since it is away from noisy and busy surroundings of the city centre. It is an affordable area for low income earners and offers exquisite services for your wedding.

 Syokimau Gardens has spacious and well-staffed lawns providing a quiet and serene ambience for all your wedding functions such as bridal party relaxation and photography as well as photo shoots. 

Three grounds are available to hire for your wedding and full payment required one week in advance to ensure necessary facilities are reserved.  This enables beautification of the place and availing necessary equipment for the wedding day. It is the best place for your bright colored and floral wedding event. 

Syokimau Gardens is situated at the Apostolic Fellowship Church of Kenya, Syokimau which is 17 km from the city centre and 10 minutes’ drive from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. 

5. Airport Landing Hotel Rooftop Lounge

This is a shared bar, lounge and onsite dining where you can hold your wedding occasion with a serene surrounding. Airport Landing Hotel has affordable rates which you can cater for your wedding event. 

Some of the rooms have airport views which can be beautiful scenes with your bride as you celebrate the day. It is a reliable place with excellent ambiance for your wedding marking your big day. Airport Landing Hotel has qualified staff who will offer the best services for your wedding celebration. 

It is located at Airport North Road, Embakasi which is a 10 minute drive from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. It is also 9.3 miles away from the Standard Gauge Railway Nairobi Terminus. This makes the place very flexible and accessible at any given time you need their services. 

6. Marula Manor

Marula Manor is a serene place with a favorable ambience with lavish grounds for your wedding event. The place has a rich pre-independent history of Kenya having a blend of old and modern wedding amenities required for your excellent wedding celebration. 

Marula Manor believes in delivering high quality services for all clients without bias through its professional employees.  This has always brought back customers and even getting referrals due to good services offered to clients. 

Their charges are reasonable which is worth your wedding event and value your money.  It provides the best venue for a luxurious wedding garden with a country feel to it. It is able to accommodate tents which can sit no less than 1000 invited guests.

 Marula Manor is just a few minutes’ drive away from Nairobi city centre, at the quiet suburb of Karen and about 4km from Karen shopping centre. 

7. Lukenya Gateway

Situated at the foot of Lukenya Hills, Lukenya Gateway provides a terrace and shared lounge with 24-hour front desk services. It is more than just a gateway from the madding crowd of the city with a quiet, peaceful environment for your wedding event. 

Lukenya Gateway is an African Safari experience providing utmost privacy, convenient and accessible as your wedding venue. The prices are pocket friendly and affordable as well as high quality services. It has elegant and spacious rooms and beautiful outdoor areas ideal for your wedding ceremony. 

From the resort, you can freely view wildlife animals like antelopes as you celebrate your wedding and enjoy good moments with your bride. Additionally, you can organize and have bushfire dinners for your wedding event. 

 Lukenya Gateway has a restaurant offering African Cuisine, Halal and gluten-free options available upon request. There is a Catholic Chapel which is 1.4km away and a small Word Club 5km from the property. 

All these features provide different options of how you want your wedding occasion to be. It has long experience in hospitality with professional staff giving you the best wedding services. Lukenya Gateway holds high profile conferences and meetings in excellent style with bright spacious facilities furnished with the latest modern equipment.  

Lukenya Gateway is located at Athi River, off Mombasa Road which is a 45 minutes’ drive from the city centre.

8. Langata Botanical Gardens

The location has a beautiful and serene environment perfect for your wedding event. The gardens are unique and luxurious, ideal for holding your wedding ceremony. It has four attractive gardens, each surrounded by flower bushes and trees giving an amazing scene for your wedding. 

Langata Botanical Gardens boasts of a pretty lagoon with waterways step fountains going around the park. All these features create a beautiful naturally relaxing atmosphere free from noise and hustle of the city giving a cool ambience to hold your wedding ceremony.

Almost two thirds of the garden is covered by natural bush with over 200 indigenous trees thus showcasing outstanding collection of flora and fauna. These natural features make the garden ideal for holding your wedding event in a beautiful venue. 

The costs are friendly to afford and enjoy high quality services from a professional team. Langata Botanical Gardens is located at Langata South Road, Karen 20 km from the city centre.

Reasons Why Above Venues Are the Best for Holding Weddings

  1. Professional and Hospitable Staff

These venues have highly skilled personnel who ensure quality services are delivered to the clients. This makes the places get recommendations from friends to visit the places and enjoy their services. You are served in a professional, gentle and hospitable way during your wedding event. 

  1. Accessible to Clients

All these places are easily accessible any time by a client and some offer 24-hour customer services. They are located in areas which have good roads to reach them for your wedding event. This saves time for customers who may have stuck in traffic for hours before reaching the venues. 

  1. Long Experience in the Market

These areas have been in the market for a long period of time making them experienced in delivering quality wedding services. Most of them have become experts in their lines of duty guaranteeing you good services and value of your money. 

  1. Reliable and Esteemed Venues

These places have established themselves as highly reputable places to hold your wedding ceremony without regret. They are reliable and efficient in delivering their services which will ensure no delays or failures once you book them for your wedding ceremony. 

  1. Pocket Friendly Costs 

These areas offer affordable charges for their services which is reasonable for your wedding event. Although a few may have higher charges, there is room for negotiations to reach an agreement for clients to get affordable costs. They also give discounts and good offers during certain periods of the year. 

  1. Variety of Services Offered and Views 

These venues provide different services for clients using their property which gives maximum enjoyment and full satisfaction. You are able to see different geographical area views in their property as well enjoy wildlife animals in the neighborhood. This gives a serene surrounding for your wedding event making the day colorful and cherishing.   

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