Top 10 Romantic Places In Nairobi To Go For A Date

Forget the traffic. Forget the muggers. Nairobi can without a doubt be the ideal place to express your love. It does not matter if you are meeting someone for the first time, or you have been married for years, you should go on more dates!

Dating allows you to spend lovely time by wooing your crush or better half and getting to know each other better. Although you can spend your evening and night on a sofa perfectly, once in a while you get out and try new things. By embarking on amazing date places in Nairobi, you get to enjoy your time together and understanding another side of your better half.

Nairobi has wonderful date places where you can decide to visit and have precious time together with your partner. The many different date places cater for those who completed college and are learning how to navigate life on their own two feet. This will help you have precious time together and know each other as you begin to establish yourselves independently in the working world.

Nairobi has many affordable places which you can go for a date and enjoy your time together with your better half. With the coronavirus pandemic which has led to hard economic times, you need to look for best pocket friendly date places. Coronavirus and the lockdown might have kept us inside for longer than some have hoped, but the urge to do things has only gotten stronger.

Here are top romantic places in Nairobi to go for a date: 

1. Karura Forest

Nature walk at Karura Forest. Photo by

Karura Forest is a fantastic destination for your date to have great fun moments; it is one of the largest urban gazetted forests in the world.

Firstly, it is affordable since the entry fee is only Ksh100. It has a serene and gorgeous environment which is lovely for your date. Once there, you can hire trail bikes to use on the forest pathway and enjoy your ride. By carrying drinks and a few snacks from home and comfortable walking shoes, you are ready to enjoy your date at Karura Forest.

It is a romantic spot for both of you with a hike which has a waterfall and birds singing melodiously as you walk, nearly as if they were part and parcel of your love narrative.

The available activities to enjoy on your date include running, forest drives and walks as well as bird and butterfly watching. It is a good zone to visit for your date and have a memorable time with your better half. Karura Forest is located in the Northern part of Nairobi off Kiambu Road. 

2. Boat Riding at Uhuru Park

This is the most pleasant park in Nairobi having many people visiting the place for recreational purposes. It is a park with many memorable events for your date. You can decide to get services like boat riding, merry go round and camel rides with little as Ksh100.  Uhuru Park has free entry and services available are affordable to make your date joyful.

It has a beautiful and serene ambience where you enjoy your date with national monuments where you can have photo shoots. The park has many sites where you can have good moments for a good memorable date. Uhuru Park is adjacent to the city centre, off Uhuru Highway which makes it easily accessible once in the central business district of Nairobi.  

3. Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor is a complete boutique hotel which is owned by the Safari Collection and is often known as the most instagrammed properties in the world. It has extraordinary appeal with elegant interior, green gardens, sunny terraces and beautiful courtyards. It is often described as walking into the film Out of Africa.

One of the most interesting things about the place is its herd of Rothchild’s giraffes who may visit evening and morning, poking their long necks into the windows. The giraffes do this hoping of a treat, prior to retreating to their forest sanctuary. This will give you a serene surrounding for your date as enjoy the view of animals. It has luxury safari lodges where you will explore the diverse culture and landscape of Kenya.

From its historical grounds to maasai culture and wildlife at Sala’s camp in the Mara, each lodge has distinct features and unique environment. It therefore offers the best scenic site which will give out memorable stay during your date.  Giraffe Manor is situated in the Langata suburb of Nairobi. 

4. Nairobi Safari Walk

It is a showcase for Kenya’s reserves and parks where you expect to get to see all varieties of animals across the nation. You are able to see the country’s rich wild animals such as big cats, albino zebras, primates and antelopes. 

It also has 150 varieties of local trees which gives you enough reasons to visit as your dating site. The entry fee is affordable as well as other charges for their services. The key features you will enjoy as your dating venue are wildlife, children’s museum, the boardwalk, wide variety of insects and birds.

There are also three major ecosystems which include forestry, savannah and wetlands. There is an animal orphanage which is a protected area and serves as a treatment and rehabilitation centre for wild animals.

The area is accessible all year round and any free time you can pay a visit as your dating place. The park activities you can engage in include walking, game viewing, bird watching, photography and three star-ranger restaurant. All these will give you the best moments for your date. Nairobi Safari Walk is located at Karen, Langata Road 7 km from the city centre. 

5. Uhuru Gardens

It is the largest memorial park and was officially declared a National Monument in the year 1966 because of historical importance.  Uhuru Gardens contains two monuments remembering independence of Kenya and a fig (Mugumo) tree. It attracts various functions as a recreational park where you can enjoy your date as well as taking photos in the beautiful monuments. Therefore, it is a perfect location for your date where you can keep fit by jogging. It has free entry which makes the place easier to visit and have fun for your date.

The park is beautiful with serene scenes for your memorable date where you can take photos from the historical monuments as well as enjoying the rich heritage of Kenya. Uhuru Gardens is situated along Langata Road which is a 15 minutes’ drive from the city centre 

6. Visit the top of Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) 

The top of Kenyatta International Convention Centre makes a glorious view at your disposal. It is probably the best area to get a 360-degree view of Nairobi in a sun bathed elegant appearance. The top provides a smart way of watching the sunset and seeing the outskirts of Nairobi, from the slums to the National Park. 

You just need an entry fee of around Ksh 300 and enjoy the elegant view for your date as well as having a photo shoot. It is an adventurous, breath-taking and brilliant plan for your date which will be remarkable. Kenyatta International Convention Centre is located along Harambee Avenue at the central business district of the city centre. 

7. Go to the Movies 

A cinema may be the perfect date place especially for the first date since you can talk about the movie if you have nothing to chat about. Being able to criticize bad graphics or appreciate good acting is extremely fun and a bonding experience for you and your better half.

It becomes more interesting because every week there is always a different cinema offer available at IMAX cinema for as little as Ksh.200 to watch interesting movies. This is a good place for your date where you can plan to go weekly or monthly and enjoy the good moments. They also have attractive and cool deals for your date.

The Nakumatt cinemas located at Westgate Westlands and Prestige Ngong Road usually have great movie offers. The Junction’s Cinemax located at Ngong Road has offers every Monday for discounted movie tickets and free snacks on the side-usually hot dog, popcorn and a drink. Sarit centre at Westlands has movie offers every Tuesday at a discounted cost on their tickets.  

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