Top mobile app developers in Kenya

There are many mobile app development companies in Kenya which you can choose for your business needs. However, you need to research widely before deciding which mobile app developer to use for the excellent result of your project which will give high return on investment. Mobile app development is a difficult process which requires professionals, time and an adequate budget for excellent results of your business needs.

It is not always possible to create something worthwhile since there are thousands of applications in Kenya making it hard to be notable among them. There are many applications every day developed where some gain popularity, bring income and benefit while others are limited to few users.

Currently, in Kenya every second person spends 5 hours a day on a smartphone. This allows mobile app developers to profitably monetize the love for the internet. Consequently, when you are choosing a mobile app development company in Kenya, you require finding one that is up to trend and can market the app to accomplish your desired purpose.

Below are the best mobile app development companies in Kenya:

1. NalgiTech

This is the best leading mobile application development company in Kenya providing the greatest mobile solutions. The company has vast experience in the market and has committed and loyal professional staff in providing incredible mobile exposure to customers.
Your needs as a customer are fully met for your business objectives to generate high returns on investment. Their team is up-to-date with current mobile app development strategies and technology.

Currently, NalgiTech is creating Android Nougat apps as well as apps with cloud based services support which guarantees outstanding data execution and expandability.
Customers with your business app on their smartphones will help marketing your products directly thus lowering running cost for your business. The company always keeps their clients in front of competitors by developing innovative mobile applications easy to use and manage. This reduces operation and production costs.

NalgiTech will develop the best design for your mobile app due to experienced personnel and cost effective mobile app developers. The company is committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction and you are guaranteed the best mobile app which meets your business objectives.

2. Digital Tailor Agency Limited

Digital Tailor Agency Limited the second best mobile app development company in Kenya. It was formed to fill a growing opening in professional IT and digital marketing services including mobile app development.

Most of your customers possess a smartphone and mobile apps will be great tools to increase engagement with your audience. The agency is able to develop both Android and iOS platforms for your business solution. Their experienced app development team, Digital Tailor will generate practical and appealing mobile apps which will increase your consumer reach and product sales.

The company offers various mobile app development services which include Mobile Games, M-commerce Apps, Social Network Apps, Enterprise Software Apps, Android & iOS App Development and On-Demand Services Apps.

There are genuine and legit reasons why you should work with Digital Tailor Agencies which include regular updates of your mobile app with latest versions and multi-platform expertise since you get iOS and Android development apps under one roof. Real-time support about your mobile app development and intuitive design to cater various screen sizes are additional reasons for you to choose the firm. Digital Tailor Agency Limited is located at 2nd Floor, The Mall, Westlands, Nairobi.

3. Fusion Informatics Limited

Fusion Informatics Limited is a company with over 20 years’ experience in providing cut-edge technology solutions. It is a trusted digital IT partner which believes in preserving the highest integrity, delivering consistent productivity and is easily accessible at all times.

Fusion informatics is the mobile app development firm with core strength in mobile application using top grade technologies and skills. Their passion in converting ideas into life has promoted the success of the company and their customers. It specializes in developing favorable mobile apps for your business solutions and its holistic growth.

There are features of mobile development of the company and include speed and simplicity, cross platform, hyper personalization, social integration, broad outreach, multi-layer security and flexibility in designing. The mobile development services offered by Fusion Informatics Limited are: Flutter App Development, IOS and Android Native App Development and Mobile App Migration.

The vision of the firm is to become the leading digital providers by driving adoption and infusing mobile applications into main business. Their mission is to be passionate experts in building digital applications for your business needs. Fusion Informatics Limited is built on four core values for its excellent performance in delivering digital application solutions. These core values are innovation, integrity, allegiance and trust which makes the firm one of the best mobile app developers.

4. Intrepid Data Systems Limited

The company was established in 2004 and has developed, conceptualized and managed many mobile based projects for many industries. It has distinguished itself from other players through outstanding support which is demonstrated by many awards obtained over the years.

Despite the company being in Nairobi, it works with customers across the globe for excellent mobile app development services. Intrepid Data Systems ensure your mobile app is secure, reliable and meets standards to meet and exceed your expectations. The company offers high quality mobile applications for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Mobile 8 for your business solutions.

Their professional team of analysts and project leaders helps you in understanding your project needs and take you through technical expertise and consultation. This ensures your mobile application is delivered to satisfy and surpass your expectations.

Intrepid Data Systems Limited is composed of experts in backend integration and development for your mobile applications for successful business. The company can also develop and install your mobile applications into relevant app stores to complete your mobile application.

5. Absolute Corporate Solutions

Absolute Corporate Solutions Company is a full scale mobile application design and development firm in Nairobi. The firm can also help you develop and maintain any custom made app for Android and iPhone (iOS).

Their talented and professional team of innovative developers have been creating and crafting user-friendly return on investment mobile applications for all categories of your business and industry. In the current age of smartphones, more people are accessing the web through their mobile devices than before.

Using Absolute Corporate Solutions as your mobile app development firm will take your business to the next level. The company is able to develop custom made software solutions that work together with mobile applications. Their skilled personnel and experts are able to develop any custom solution you give them without breaking a sweat and generate excellent business solutions.

They have reasonable costs and competitive quotes for your mobile app development services. The mobile apps will help you reach a bigger audience and a large customer base than before for your business needs. With the use of phones containing GPS software, their developers are able to create powerful location based apps making your android phones and iPhones more user-friendly. All these modifications are aimed at ensuring your business needs for a bigger audience and potential customers.

Your business has a vision and mobile apps should be an inherent part of your business strategy and model. This will help enhance the interactive connectivity of your customers. Mobile apps can help people find your business, navigate your website and feel more connected to your business which will save money and valuable resources.

6. Smart Web Kenya

Smart Way Web Kenya is a leading web design firm in Nairobi offering a variety of web based services such as Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Application Development, WordPress Design and Custom Bespoke Design. The company is made up of professionals who share a common love for the work they deliver.

There is a growing platform that should be embraced due to more online traffic driven to businesses through the use of smartphones. Smart Web helps your business retain a competitive edge with a mobile app that represents your business brand in an increasingly popular domain. It is able to develop android and iOS mobile applications.

The Apple App Store is central to the Apple ecosystem. Apple holds a commanding position in the battle for mobile OS dominance as it boasts of thousands of downloadable applications. With the able and professional team of experts, Smart Web Kenya will develop an excellent mobile app for your business needs.

Their experienced Android app developers have expertise and skill to make Android apps that work across all Android devices regardless of OS version, screen size and processors. The company has a friendly team of experts ready and dedicated to deliver great results for your business needs.

They offer detailed information about your work to ensure transparency is enhanced in delivering mobile app development services.

Smart Web Kenya is located at View Park Towers, Utalii Lane, 20th Floor Suite 9, Nairobi.

7. TrendPro Systems Limited

The objective of TrendPro Systems is to offer the best quality software to the customer in the shortest time possible. The company adds value in multiple ways to offer the best mobile application for your business needs. Your mobile app developers need to be pretty special to ensure your app makes an impact on your business.

TrendPro Systems has the outstanding creativity, expertise and serious strategic direction to develop the best mobile app for your business. The company has a different approach from other companies in a way that it is a marriage of design and seamless integration, in the front and back end. The design and development of mobile apps is a huge task which requires professionals and experience for great results.

At TrendPro Systems, the end product is a mobile app that works beautifully and you love to use. Their Android design experts understand the Android ecosystem from front to back. Design, front end and back end are developed together for the slickest end product which is the mobile app for your business requirements.

The physical location of TrendPro Systems is based at 1st Floor, Pill Trade Centre, Off Mombasa Road, Opposite Hilton Garden Inn, Nairobi. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, their operations have been made 100% remote.

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