Top 20 Best Movers in Nairobi Kenya

Looking for the best local movers in Kenya for your house, office or even international move? Well, look no more! Kenya has various prestigious moving companies which you can choose from for your relocation services. In this article, we’ve put together a list of the best moving companies in Kenya, as chosen by you, the movers.

Hiring a mover vs moving house yourself

If you can afford to hire a moving company then the answer is yes! At first it might seem like a cheaper idea, but there are lots of reasons why using the professionals might be a better option for you and the whole family.

Unless you live in a small house or flat, it’s always worth hiring a professional moving company to help you move. Although packing up and shifting your stuff may not sound that difficult, there is an art to packing fragile items so that they’re properly protected and do not break in transit.

List of Top Moving Companies in Nairobi Kenya

1. Quasar Movers

Quasar Movers is a professional moving company in Kenya that offers stress-free moving services. Unlike many moving companies that charge a steep price for weekend relocations, Quasar Movers have a single charge for all seven days. They have a very attentive customer service who are always on hand to help the people of Nairobi with any relocation requirements.

Quasar Movers specializes in small and local residential moving but also offers commercial moving services. The company has been in business for just over half a decade, but the owner brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in the moving industry and a team of professionals who are trained in-house and thoroughly background checked before entering a client’s home.

Quasar Movers strive to build a team of professionals who have all completed a rigorous training program designed to prepare them for any challenges they might face during a move. Whether your needs include packing materials, services, or transportation for long-distance move needs, Quasar Movers, is ready to help!

2. Cadin Residential Movers

Cadin Movers is a professional mover in Kenya that offers stress-free moving services. Cadin Movers believes in customer satisfaction, and it takes pride in the relationship it builds with regular customers. The company offers the following services;

  1. House moving services
  2. Piano moving
  3. Office moving services 
  4. International relocation 
  5. Storage and warehouse

Cadin Movers Kenya has its headquarter in Nairobi, Kenya. It offers moving services all over the country since it has branches everywhere in the country. The company’s mission is to provide the best relocation services in Nairobi, Kenya, without any hassle regarding Home moving, office relocation, storage, warehousing, packing, and unpacking.

The company takes the leading position among competing moving companies due to some of these reasons;

  • The company has professional staff who listens to each client since different people have different moving needs
  • The company offers affordable prices to every client since they believe quality services do not need an expensive budget
  • Cadin Movers Kenya is well known for its provision of quality services to customers
  • Cadin Movers operates 24 hours a day. There are always people to attend to clients whether it’s a public holiday or a weekend
  • The company has well-maintained moving vehicles that provide transportation for clients’ possessions

3. Cube Movers Limited

Cube Movers is another competent moving service that offers all types of house and office move and relocation services. It deals with;

  1. Domestic and Inter-State House Moving
  2. Office Moving and Relocation
  3. Courier Services (Cube Messengers)

The company is built around a philosophy of understanding customer needs and ensuring that each customer gets a good experience. Cube Movers ensures its clients do not go through pressure during their movement process since its qualified staff will ensure the job is done right.

Because Cube Movers is a business that has been in operation for long, they have an answer for just about everything. They’ll be there through any hurdles whether you’re dealing with an international move or just moving down the block.

The company is a reliable, trustworthy, and competent service provider, with its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

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4. Nellions Moving And Relocations Nairobi

Nellions is moving company that offers a full range of removal services to suit everyone from individuals and families to businesses and corporations. It advocates for professional, stress-free local, Interstate moving, and international moving.

Nellions moving company is a team that believes they can build and restore high levels of accountability in Kenya’s moving sector. The company offers the following moving services;

  1. Inland house move
  2. International moves
  3. Office move

It has its headquarters in Nairobi while other offices are in Naivasha, Kampala, Uganda. Nellions is a family-friendly company, and its staff seeks to extend the same warmth to everyone lucky to work with them. At Nellions everyone has a voice, and his/her views are considered and respected since they respect every member of their team.

The moving company has some of the best rating and reviews in the market. They enjoy a 4.8 rating on Nellions Google My Business. Positive reviews point to the company’s commitment to careful planning and open communication.

5. Alpha Movers Kenya

Alpha Movers also makes it in the list of the best movers in Kenya. It is known for its positive impacts on clients. The company takes pride in its entirely dedicated team, which is highly professional, clean in all aspects. The team aspires to maintain its high standards, which are the company’s main goals. Alpha Movers offers the following services;

  1. Home moving
  2. Office moving
  3. International Relocation

It is headquartered in Nairobi, and its other offices are speeded in all counties in Kenya. It provides transparent price quotes to clients that are open and have no hidden charges.

6. Taylor Movers Kenya

best movers in nairobi, moving companies in nairobi kenya

The last best moving company in our list is Tylor Movers. The company’s primary focus is to understand every client’s experience from their point of view. This is what makes every member of the company work towards achieving good relationships with clients. It also drives every aspect of how the company conducts its business. The company offers the following services;

  1. Household moving
  2. Office moving
  3. Corporate Staff Relocations

Taylor Movers is a private moving company with its headquarters in Nairobi, and its other branches are in every part of the country.

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7. Absolute Movers Kenya

“Absolute Movers Kenya is a professional and highly experienced moving company in Kenya. We are specialists in residential moving and office moving services in Nairobi, TV Mounting, DSTV installation, self-storage and international removal solutions. We also provide a dedicated moving packing services in Nairobi.”

Whether you are looking to move home or office, Absolute Movers Kenya can offer you total peace of mind. We are totally trustworthy, efficient and highly experienced in assisting with all types of moving and storage solutions.

8. Packers and movers

Packers and movers Kenya Ltd is one of the top house and office movers. Relocation can be a challenging task which involves planning, execution of actual move to destination settling down. With Packers and Movers Ltd. Your relocation is with the right people.

Packers and movers Kenya Ltd has a global vision to provide a one stop shop for shifting, relocation and storage solutions. The company has evolved from a humble on solid values of honesty, reliability, proficiency and customer satisfactory services.

9. Ahadi Movers

Ahadi Movers is East Africa’s leading full service moving company, based in Nairobi. We specialize in full range of household and commercial moving services, customized to fit your particular moving needs. Ahadi Business Services provides a wide range of tailored removal services: Information Technology moves; Libraries; Hospitals; Laboratories; Warehouse and factory relocations; Schools; Product displays and trade shows; Art exhibitions; Shop fittings and contents.

10. Bench Freight Movers Kenya

“We like to provide our customers with full-range of moving services. This means that you can hire just one company to get the job done. We know how stressful this time is and that’s why we know you will love our convenient and comprehensive moving services-we will pack up your home, load it into the truck, bring it to its new home unload it for you and unpack.”

11. Access Movers Kenya

Located in the heart of Kenya’s capital, Access Movers Kenya is an established local and experienced moving company in Nairobi Kenya. We pride ourselves on making your moving experience as smooth and effortless as possible. Whether you are moving locally in Nairobi or across Kenya, our careful, safety-focused movers in Nairobi Kenya are here to help.

12. Integrity Movers

Integrity Movers Kenya Limited is a moving and storage Company based in Kenya. The company previously traded as a business name but after immense growth and expansion the management decided to register it as a Company.

“We continue to lead from the front with innovative services that solves our clients problems. We offer our clients a one stop shop for all their moving and storage needs. Commitment to our clients is excellence in delivery and that is what drives every Integrity Movers employee to deliver beyond the expectation of our clients. The employees form the bedrock of the company. A wealth of experience, constant training and periodic fine tuning of processes keep us efficient and competitive.”

13. Keja move

Kejamove is an International moving company that offers Professional Home and Office relocation services. Their moving services are offered to both to private individuals and corporate clients of all sizes whether for domestic or office relocations. For international moves they focus on their Move Management service.

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14. Armstrong Movers

Armstrong was formed in 2008 with a mission to provide comprehensive and competitive removal and logistics services to families and businesses worldwide. “We are professional movers based in Nairobi Kenya. Whether you are moving house or office within Nairobi, or moving intercounty to Mombasa, relocating across border to Kampala or Dar es Salaam, Armstrong has the expertise to make it a smooth journey.”

15. Eagle Movers Kenya

Eagle Movers is a professional moving company in Nairobi Kenya offering affordable and reliable moving services in Nairobi Kenya to businesses and individuals. So whether you are looking at relocating within the capital or are looking to move within Kenya or to other counties in Kenya we are confident that we will be able to help you. Eagles Movers work diligently when providing moving and parcel services so our clients enjoy a smooth transition to their new home. We are a fully registered and licensed moving company.

16. Senior Movers Kenya

Senior Movers kenyais Nairobi based Moving Company that is family-owned and operated. The family principles they have are reflected in the consideration we give to each and every one of our customers, the high quality standards we uphold, and the service guarantee we provide to each of our customers. Instilling these values early into our culture assures we will make continued strides to become a leader in the moving and storage industry.

17. Prestige Movers

Prestige Movers is a Nairobi-based moving and storage company specializing in all aspects of residential and commercial moves. The company was founded by a team of professionals with more than 20 years of combined experience in the removal business.

“We move your office, homes and people in a professional manner using the most convenient and comfortable mode of transport. Our aspiration is to make your moving and logistics experience as smooth as possible as you concentrate on your core business.”

18. Prime Movers

Prime Movers is a premier moving services company in Nairobi Kenya, We specialize in both commercial and residential house moving, office relocation, pet relocation and international moving. Our experienced and dedicated professional movers are committed to offering top-notch packing, loading, transportation, unloading and full moving services to meet your moving needs.

19. Royal Movers Kenya

Royal Movers Kenya is a registered professional moving services company in Nairobi Kenya offering home and office moving services in Nairobi Kenya, DSTV installation services and TV mounting services. 

Our experienced movers will assist you with all of your needs relating to your move, including packing, loading, transporting your belongings and arranging them in your new house as per your instructions.

20. Highrise Movers

It is located off Murang’a Road, suit 110, Nairobi. It offers office relocation, household move, international move, packing and unpacking, long distance moving and storage services. For further inquiries, you can contact them on, 0729 082 905.

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How to Choose a Mover in Kenya

There are hundreds of moving companies to choose from in Kenya. So how do you choose the best one for your needs, and how can you tell if a company is reliable? The following is a Moving checklist and guide for selecting a reliable mover.

  • Find out how established the company is. How many years of experience can they offer? Have they been providing the service you need for a decent length of time or is it a new (and relatively untested) company?
  • Ask for a detailed quote. Get at least three quotes from movers, preferably from companies that will visit your property rather than just estimating the cost over the phone. Ask them if they foresee any additional costs arising not included in the quote and check what is included in their price. Will they cover any parking permits required at the final destination? Will they be unloading your belongings onto the lawn or does their quote include positioning furniture in the property at your direction? Will there be a charge for delays?
  • Moving insurance. Be sure to ask what would happen if the move is delayed and you can’t get into the new property in the afternoon or the next day. It’s also worth checking if your removals company has adequate insurance cover for your possessions and also what the time limit is on claiming on insurance after the move. If you have any high-value possessions, check whether they need special packing and also whether they’ll be covered by the moving company’s insurance in the terms and conditions (some policies set a limit per item or box). A mover may restrict their liability for your items up to a certain amount per box, unless you tell them the value of what’s inside, although this may raise your quote.
  • Avoid cash-in-hand operations. If the company insists on payment in cash and refuses to accept any other method of payment, this should serve as a red flag. Established and reputable removals firms will accept card payments and bank transfers.
  • Shipment tracking – Ensure the mover can keep track of the items being moved keeping their status before and after the move.

FAQs About Moving to Nairobi

What is the cost of hiring a mover in Kenya?

Movers prices in Kenya

Typically, all professional movers in Kenya charge anywhere between Ksh. 12,000 and Ksh. 25,000 for a local move (in the same city) in Kenya. This charge include packaging materials, packing and unpacking services, transport, and service men.

Of course, the scale of your move will impact the price of moving significantly; moving out of a 1-bedroom house will be a lot cheaper than moving out of a 3-bedroom home.

How much do movers charge in Nairobi?

Movers in Nairobi prices

The typical costs of moving house in Nairobi with movers are;

  • Ksh.13, 000 for a 1-bedroom house
  • Ksh.16, 000 for a 2-bedroom house
  • Ksh. 21, 000 for a 3-bedroom house

What are the factors which determine the cost of moving?

There are many factors which increase the price of moving house.

Difficult in property access, delicate possessions that need special care, long travel distance from home to home, a large number of heavy items and higher amounts of furniture or fragile items than usual.

Your mover should be able to provide a precise quote to avoid any unexpected fees at the completion of your move.

What services do movers offer?

Most professional moving companies in Kenya will offer these standard services for a basic removal job.

The services offered by moving companies include but not limited to;

  • Packing and unpacking of your belongings
  • Packing supplies and materials
  • Safely loading your belongings onto their moving truck
  • Transporting your belongings to your new house
  • Unloading your belongings off the mover truck
  • Placing your belongings in the rooms or positions you want them in at your new address

Some companies may also offer some extra services you can request, depending on your needs. Some of the extra services may come at an additional cost

  • Setting up furniture
  • Disconnecting and connecting appliances such as TV and DSTV installation
  • Storing your belongings for short or long term in warehouses
  • Move your belongings interstate
  • Cleaning your new home and fumigating it

When should you hire a moving company?

You may want to consider using a mover company if you are contending with the following issues:

– Many, heavy, large or oddly-shaped items
– You are moving midweek and have no friends or family available to help you move
– You need a large truck e.g. 7.5 Tonnes as you have a lot of items to move.

What are the average house prices in Nairobi?

Average price by property type for Nairobi

Type of Property Price
1 Bedroom House KES 4 million
2 Bedroom House KES 8 million
3 Bedroom House KES 14 million
4 Bedroom House KES 20 million

To help with your house hunt, we’ve explored some of the most popular destinations for our Nairobi movers. Kiambu Road was revealed as the favorite location with the most modern 2 and 3 bedroom houses.

What are the average costs of rental houses in Nairobi?

Nairobi’s overall average cost for renting a 1-3 bedroom rental house currently ranges between KES 15,000 and KES 25,000, while the average cost for a 4 bedroom rental house is approximately KES 40,000.

The cost depends on the area you choose to rent. The cost of rental houses in places like Westlands and Dagoretti is way expensive compared to renting a house in Donholm and Embakasi.

Hiring a house removal company such as Quasar Movers is an easy and stress-free way of moving home. A removals company such as Quasar Movers can also offer additional services such as packing and storage if you need extra help.

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